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This website is devoted to the comic books you either love with a passion or hate with a vehemence. You won't find many Marvel mutants here - I can't abide by most of the nasty little critters myself. But what you will find is a plethora of the good and bad books, as well as the interesting and sometimes not-so-interesting characters that may not have caught your eye over the past forty or so years.

This site began as a fan page devoted to my favorite comic character, the original Vigilante, and just seemed to grow from there, starting with pages on The Wanderers and Slapstick, for no reason that I can recall. I've got a lot of series I've collected over the past few years that are ready to be reviewed and profiled here, including The Inferior Five, Hex, Defenders of Dynatron City, Aztek, The Ultimate Man, Thriller and the 1992 Justice Society of America series to name a few.

Please e-mail me, Rich Meyer, at with any comments, suggestions, corrections or other information you may want to pass on.

Hopefully, almost anyone can find something to like or hate around these parts, so come on in and take a look!

Please use the pull-down menus on the bar at the top of the page to navigate between this site and my two other fan sites, The Brave and The Bold Review and The Doom Patrol Review.


September 1, 2003: New Additions: The Man Behind The Gun, Skull the Slayer/Blazing Skull II, Beyond Communion, Stardust the Super Wizard, The Steel Fist, The Puppeteer/Captain V, updates to Action Comics, Super DC Giant (both under The Vigilante) and Crack Comics (Alias the Spider). COMING SOON: Jack Frost, The Thin Man, The Oz-Wonderland War, Captain Marvel Presents the Terrible 5, Shazam's Squadron of Justice

July 25, 2003: Pull-down menus have been (hopefully) cleared of glitches. More detailed synopses added to pages on Action Comics, Adventure Comics, and Justice League of America. New additions: Bug, Code Name: Assassin, Danger: Dinosaurs at Large!, Vigilante of Earth-One, Wildcat of Earth-One/Earth-B. Coming soon: Skull the Slayer, The Man Behind the Gun, Silverblade, Worlds Unknown, and The Oz-Wonderland War.

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